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"I was worried when I could no longer take care of my yard myself, that I would have a hard time finding someone to not only  keep the yard up to my standards but that I could afford. They've absolutely exceeded my expectations. 2023 will be the third summer Envisioned Environments will be taking care of my yard, mowing the lawn, and tidying up the garden beds. They've always done an excellent job for a fair price. Shawn is as hard working as they come, does nice work. He's polite and well spoken too. In the rare instance Shawn can't make it himself, his help are all excellent as well." Charlene Taylor, McKees Rocks.

“I always thought I had a decent-looking backyard. The flower beds were filled with colorful annuals/perennials, window boxes accented the house and there was not a blade of grass (on purpose!).  Then, Envisioned Environments came along and proposed a total renovation that would be sustainable/environmentally friendly, as well as aesthetically pleasing.  I've never looked back! Extra beds for gardening, a plethora of cleverly designed planters and even the greenest grass. The project also included a reconfiguration of a roof-top deck.  Gone is the collection of some good looking (and not so good looking) containers spread along the railing.  In its place is bright custom-built furniture, spacious custom-made planters and boxes for flowers and even vegetables. The best thing now on the deck is a fantastic bamboo canopy that was custom designed to fit the space.  It's a unique feature that you will find nowhere else, like it was built just for me. & Actually, it was!  I never dreamed that these spaces could look so good.  Envisioned Environments had a vision for the whole thing, and executed it beautifully.  They helped my outside space be my personal relaxation destinations, and I can't wait for summer.” Dale Abraham , North Shore

“Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing with my yard. I always wanted that relaxing, beautiful, useful space.. I just knew it overwhelmed me. A friend recommended this company & although I was nervous to start this big project.. I just dove in with an open mind. My consultation was probably one of the best I’ve ever experienced. Not only did Shawn clear an hour out of his schedule to talk on the phone ENDLESSLY with me over EVER detail… but he also offered to come in person immediately to assess the property. Since I had no idea where to start, this was MAJOR! He asked a ton of questions about how I wanted it to look/feel, what if anything I wanted to grow in the garden / around the yard, what additions/customs I needed, alerted me on kitten friendly plants, and offered his creative ideas without forcing them. He ended up doing some mulching, building a few flower beds, planting grass/flowers/succulents, & building a small outdoor pond/bird fountain feature. He worked tirelessly to turn my vision into a beautiful AND functional space that I can now enjoy forever. Thankfully too, because the stress of this project had been weighing me down for years.” Jordan Lucas, McKees Rocks

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